Silver Lake

Today had me stepping out side of my normal routine and exploring Silver Lake, in the past my idea of exploring some place like this would have been simply using google images and calling it good from the climate controlled comfort of my nerdcave. Lately how ever I have been getting into shape, exercising and getting out of the dark and into the sunny outdoors, while prefered activity is still Stand Up Paddle Boarding thanks to Utah Surf Rentals and Glide SUP getting me hooked on the sport. This was an amazing outing. I am grateful that Mary and her family took me on this adventure, I look forward to the next outing we have. Whether it is a stroll through the neighborhood or a hike or stroll along a boardwalk or a paddle.

They say laughter is the best medicine, I don’t know that is the case although it is an amazing balm for the soul. Thank you Mary, you have truly made my life better and I am grateful for these gems you have shown me, such as Silver Lake.

The walk is a relatively easy one around the lake, with a well maintained board walk for most of the journey although it does break down into some dirt trails. These are also in good repair and have no tricky parts or wicked elevation game. Their are other paths you can explore for a more intense jaunt. The area is also home to some moose, and wide array of wild flowers and other interesting wild life. If you do happen to see the moose, give them plenty of room and don’t harass these beautiful animals.

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