San Rafael Swell

We are lucky to live in a place as beautiful and diverse as Utah is, not only are the people friendly for the most part we also have a low crime rate and an amazing selection of outdoor activity’s.

This is my first time that I can recall going to the Swells, I had started off with the plan of going up to Rockport Marina to meet with Bret, Anna & Kevin. Although after becoming heart broken Friday night I decided to try something different, I absolutely did not want to risk having this incredibly horrible day associated with a place I love so much. Even though I should have expected it and can understand where Mary is coming from it still always hurts to be rejected and know you are not good enough. It looks like we are going to be able to remain friends even through my stupidity and on the bright side I no longer have to worry about being open and discussing feelings or where I am at emotionally can just do an “I’m awesome” when ever asked.

I am truly grateful though that we are able to remain friends and that I will have her in my life even if it is just as friends, I hope that I can be a good friend for her and be their for her when ever she needs some on to lean on, vent to or just have a friendly oi from.

The San Rafael Swell is just a few hours from Salt Lake City, when approaching the area it does not look remarkable at all just another flat bid of arid land, how ever once you arrive it totally transforms to an amazing and beautiful wonder a truly mini grand canyon. The river bottom below is around 1400 feet from the top. Besides amazing Vista Views their are ancient wall art and dinosaur bones to be seen. I plan on coming back to this place even if it lacks any real amount of water to play on. Explore this amazing state of ours and get your steps in!

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