24 Hour Fitness

I have gone to the 24 Hour Fitness in Trolley Square and Sugar house and have to say the customer service has been incredibly bad. The experience I had at the Trolley location was truly disappointing, The sales person did not care about current members and was not very helpful.

When I was talking with the gym I currently belong to they were willing to comp a months membership for referring a person and wave their sign up fee. So was looking at maybe having Mary jump gyms, 24hour fitness just laughed and said no. Going to follow up with the sugar house location and see if they care any more about their members.

Although two members have told me to avoid the sugar house location, both women have said the locker rooms at this location are disgusting, and never well maintained. Makes me wonder about this annual fee they charge if the members wont even use the showers out of fear of their health. Apparently the other locations are cleaner, not sure though. Their is also not a way to bring a guest in with you.


My first trial class was with Mary doing the body pump class, this was a miserable experience. As she was getting ready I went to secure us a couple of spots, had no idea where the gear was or where to set up, wandered aimlessly until a member showed me the ropes. The instructor was not very into it, and did not notice let alone ask if any one was new to the class. Heard from strangers to try the other instructors as they are better. So far, I am not sure I could recommend 24 hour fitness.


So far over the last few months I have really enjoyed 24hour fitness. The main issue is the lack of child prison, although the managers claim this should not be happening and that they are trained to step in. Sadly they have not been doing this when Mary has been going to the gym. The best part of the facility are the classes and going with Mary! I hope she keeps bringing me along. Over all I would recommend this Gym, even if they have some issue’s.

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