New Years Day

While New Year’s Eve was lonely it was time to start making good on my new years resolutions… far failing epically and am going to give up my fist resolution. I do not know if the good I do in her life outdoes the pain being in it causes although for now I am willing to fight for it and not let out side people dictate my happiness. And she offered donuts so um yea that leads to resolution 2.

After breakfast with Mary it was time to head to bed and take a nap and work on catching up on sleep…..alas all good plans seem to fall apart. Instead it was time to get out into nature and do some hiking. My I-phone died on the trip, the infamous battery issue. On the bright side I did have two professional cameras and great lenses on my back. EOS-D 1 Mark II.


New Years Day 1

New Years Day 2

New Years Day 3

New Years Day 4

The draw back is that I had two professional cameras on my back and some epic lenses. And while I was in shape…the shape being out this made the trip even more interesting. Especially parts where it was required to sit down and slide over small drops 5′ to 10′. After the first drop I then asked my self how do we back out of this ice pit….well to late now might as well go further in. Sadly my boots and socks were not working that well and on the return trip it was with out socks….causing the boots to slide with each step.

Made it back to civilization and revived the phone, of course as luck would have it Mary had called. Luckily the offer was still on so I spent the eve playing with the the little one while his sister was at a basket ball game with the grandparents. And hanging out with the most incredible woman I know and whom I love! We had a simple dinner that I would do every night if it was with them. New Years Day was great, woke up to an invitation to join her for breakfast, got out of the smog and returned home to them, making this an incredible New Years Day even if my feet we raw and sore!


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