Wednesday night missery

Tonight I was told by a woman I love that she did not trust me. For a long time I felt our relationship dying although did not know far gone it was. I do not know if it can survive this, I can not see a way to move past this. Even if Jane tells me she does trust me her previous words and actions will prove that she does not. It was a truly depressing night thing to here and to know about your self. When we got back home from our shakes and drive we noticed her car had been egged and she was the victim of random cruelty. My heart and soul ached for her, and the pain she was going through to have her be the target of such pain. This was not the first time the poor woman’s car had been vandalized, it had been keyed before. But this was her brand new car, and the only one on the street that was hit. As i sat in the car as she washed it off I did get something written. Seems my mind new what my heart was feeling, not bad for under five minuets of typing. I will leave it for a while before locking it away.



Oh how I will miss your embrace, and your mind.
The laughter and sparkle in your eyes that light your smile.
The children, their pure delight and innocent laughter.
Hearing the call Pat Pat and a child’s love.
Our talks and walks, support and your arse.
Yes these are the things I will miss.
The memories, and photos the sounds of joy and laughter
that carry through the house, party sounds and tail lights.
These are the things that will haunt me.


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