To Bike or to Paddle

Had taken a break from the healthy life style for a bit due to the chaos of work and the out door retailer show, although today is the day it ends and I switch back to the healthy habits. Wanting to go hit the lake although some friends? want to go mountain biking. At this point I am not sure if they are friends or people sent to do me in as today is a scorcher and the last time I recall being on a bike the sets were hard, it was dusty and their was no lovely lake to jump in to in order to cool off.

Looks like the lake will have to wait another day, although the board is on my roof ready to go. Lets hit the bike trails and see what tomorrow looks like. going to be heading to Park City, will post an update later on how it was.

Outdoor Retailer 2015 Thank you Glide SUP.

This year’s out door retailer show was my favorite one to date, it may have had something to do with being escorted around by a pair of amazing lady’s. The beautiful Kristine and yes we went to school together Allison. Unfortunately these ladies ruined my notion of tax accountants, so much for my misguided pre conceived notions. Instead they are a pair of beautiful adventurous women with a great sense of humor, not to mention Kristine has a adorable pup.


For the last couple of day’s I have wandered countless miles with Alison and Kristine, easily doubling or tripling my step goals. And as odd as it sounds I did not mind this one bit, normally the thought of shopping this long would have me cringing and cowering by the keyboard searching amazon for what I want. Although the company made it so I didn’t even realize the time we spent wandering the aisles as we talked about the good the bad and the Glide SUP er best we saw. A lot of great products coming on the market in the next year, some of the new company’s were interesting. Also a lot of bad products out there that just made me cringe. Glide SUP were by far the best paddle boards at the show, while Malibu Kayaks had the friendliest people from the kayak world, their reps were awesome and friendly, saw her a few times through out the show. While MTI had the live preservers I was truly impressed with and ones that hopefully will be sold next season through Utah Surf Rentals.

Hopefully this will not be the last OR show in Utah, as a state we cant really afford to loose the boost to the economy and the prestige we get from having such an important event hosted here.

Friday with Kristine & Allison

No this is not some penthouse letter post, although I will admit these two lovely ladies did ruin my misguided notions of tax accountants. The plan was to hit a lake in the Uinta’s to get some paddling in or this was the plan we decided to go with, my plan was to hit Rockport and then after we were done paddling head into Park City to eat at El Chubasco how ever when a beautiful woman has another plan the smart thing to do is smile and say ok. Some how I managed to do the smart thing, as a man this a rare occasion and as such I wanted it point it out.

How ever the weather had other plans in store for us with weather men talking about powerful storms and horrible conditions with thunder storms, the ladies decided to change the plans and have us go to the Out Door Retailer show, they had been their most of the week helping out although were game to go again and then we would try to paddle Saturday instead. Off to the show we went, I was thinking we would be their for a couple of hours, boy as I wrong. After having over tripled my daily step goal and having wandered countless miles I was not ready for the day to end when it was time to head out. Something about being in the company of some beautiful, adventurous women will do this to a person even if the day is spent essentially in a large shopping center. One of the highlights was watching Amelia & the Glide Yogi’s do the water demo. It was nice to see such a large turnout come watch the yogi’s, although it is not surprising given these are the best sup yogis in America using the best boards in America that are actually made in America, and even more locally are made in the heart of Salt Lake City, if you are a paddle boarder especially from Utah or a shop owner then you really should have a Glide SUP!

Amelia Travis from Stoked Yogi

Amelia Travis from Stoked Yogi

After the water demo was over we on the move again, chatting with a myriad of people about the out door world and getting healthy and Glide SUP’s as the day went on I was extremely grateful for the company one pavilion over that was selling coffee, here comes three o’clock and another large travel mug of coffee. As the show started to wind down I was not yet ready to part company with a cpa luckily for me it turned out that Nancy and Jessica were grilling up an amazing feast for the hooligans, and partners of the glide sup. More importantly they managed to even do a healthy spread, grilled peaches, watermelon kabobs with fresh basil curry deviled eggs chicken and more! It was an epic spread and done in the rain. Finally the weather men got it right it was beautiful weather all day long and then as soon as it was time to light the grill the storm of the summer moved in. It reminded me of the Outdoor Retailer show years ago when the tornado tore through downtown.

Dinner prepared by Nancy and Jessica

Dinner prepared by Nancy and Jessica

After dinner, it was time for fun and games, the first game w e played was catch phrase, a game that had Ken and Scott on opposite teams and the competition was fierce, luckily the game was soon replaced with cards against humanity, where yours truly was the clear and decisive winner. Although I am often told I am sarcastic and slightly on the wrong side of the line so perhaps I had an advantage. All in all this was an amazing way to get some exercise in and have a great day, their is something to be said about being with a group of people sharing true happiness and laughter.

Thank you to Kristine, Ken, Jessica, Ken, Allison, Nancy and Scott


Thursday night concert

Tax accountants....really?

Tax accountants….really?

This has been a good week for me, perhaps not in the healthy eating department but a great boost to mental health. Met some interesting people earlier in the week and was invited to a concert this eve after they finished with the outdoor retailer show. We were planning on seeing the “Kills” Kristine, Allison and I had never heard of them although Nadia wanted to see the concert. I was excited for this a chance to get out have fun and spend time with some great people.

As the day went on the plan began to unravel, Kristine and Allison needed to get work done for their real jobs as Tax Accountants, so they asked if it would be ok to not do the concert which I was ok with and that we should do dinner instead, they chose to hit the Red Iguana 2. The Red Iguana had been on my veto list for years, the place never seemed the same with out my friend Ramon. Turns out I should have been coming back here long ago, the Carnitas plate was great the company even better. Thank you Kristine and Allison.

To many people only concentrate on the physical side of being healthy, count carbs, exercise avoid those foods. While not enough seem to embrace the indulgence of laughing and taking time to improve one mental health. This was defiantly a mental health day, nothing like spending time with friends and laughing while building hope of things to come.

Fitness app data shows which states are more unhealthy than yours



Smug Californians now have proof they’re better than you. On the flip side we have water and are in the top ten so take that California!

A couple of the most popular fitness apps in the App Store have pooled their data to figure out which U.S. states have the best (and worst) health habits. They examined a combination of workout and nutritional info among their users and concluded that the Golden State has the best habits, and Wyoming has a lot of work to do.
MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness use GPS and food info to track exercise and diet, and they’ve collected their findings in a blog post featuring a series of infographics. According to them, the 10 healthiest states in the country (in order) are:
• California
• Arizona
• Colorado
• Washington
• Oregon
• Texas
• New Mexico
• Connecticut
• Massachusetts
• Utah
And the least healthy places in the country are:
• Wyoming
• North Dakota
• South Dakota
• Washington, D.C.
• Delaware
• South Carolina
• West Virginia
• Hawaii
• Maine
• Rhode Island
Wyoming’s also at the bottom of the list when it comes to diet, but the District of Columbia is the big loser for the activity portion. Meanwhile, New Jersey has the best eating habits in the country, and California is the most active.

The metrics involved included adherence to daily calorie goals; meeting or exceeding fiber goals; limiting intake of both sugar and sodium; and length, frequency, and type of exercise.

“We noticed the states most likely to stick to their calorie goals were also, statistically, some of the most obese,” the blog post says. “For example, West Virginia, which is ranked number one in sticking to calorie goals, is also ranked as the most obese state, according to the Better Policies for Healthier America. Why is this? We can only speculate, but perhaps those populations are more motivated to stick to their goals once they’ve committed to tracking on MyFitnessPal.”

Note that according to the September 2014 report from Better Policies for a Healthier America, Mississippi and West Virginia tied for the highest adult obesity rate (35.1 percent). But that’s still a weird finding. We don’t know how many people in West Virginia use MapMyFitness to track their info, but we can probably assume it’s low given the Better Policies findings. Or maybe their calorie goals are just way higher than the national average.

It would be interesting to compare these results to usage by state to see if the most fit states are also the ones where these apps are the most popular (i.e. which states are the most “fitness-minded.”) I’m thinking we might notice a correlation there.


Original article is here.

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