Body By Nutrition

Body by nutrition is a health club located in Sandy Utah, I was turned on to this place by Elyse and have had made this our normal stomping ground for lunch. They also offer free fit camps, weight loss challenges and amazing healthy shakes.

Every Friday they do a new shake for the daily special, the best so far has been their sublime lime although I am told they do not repeat these shakes. I keep telling them to do a grapefruit shake especially one that is nice and sour like unsweetened grape fruit juice. After all grape fruit is an amazing way to burn fat. Unfortunately the owner Ernie has an anti-grapefruit agenda going so far as to say he hates grapefruit, I try to point out to him it’s not about him but the customer….so far no luck.

That being said the staff here is a lot of fun, and always glad to see people and chat about nutrition or anything else that may be on your mind. And the lively music keeps you energized, as long as I don’t hear country coming from the speakers I’ll keep coming in.

If it is your first time in the club, be prepared for an upbeat greeting, friendly staff great classes and awesome shakes. Let them know Pat sent you.


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