Bombay House

Bombay House is a great Indian restaurant that easy to get to via the 215 belt route. The restaurant is nicely done inside and has a great staff with plenty of parking. You will be able to make friends here and always feel welcome. My favorite dish here is the Bollywood chicken with aloo paratha followed by the lamb coconut kurma. If you have not been to Bombay House you are missing out. They have a few different locations.


Bombay House

The enchantment of India is real–it is a vast, exotic land with hundreds of languages, thousands of dialects, Hindu temples, Islamic mosques, sitars, sarods, swamis, and beautiful women with dark, alluring eyes in luscious saris, swaying in the graceful movement of India’s ancient classical dance.

Our cuisine is as divine and diverse as our culture. Every major region of India brings its own unique dishes, as well as its own subtle variations to popular dishes.

Aromatic spices, skillfully and subtly blended, provide the heart and soul true Indian cuisine. Coriander, cumin, fenugreek, cardamom, and fennel all help give our food its distinctive flavor. Milk products like yogurt, cream, and ghee (clarified butter) along with a variety of dals (lentils), regional vegetables, and meats like lamb, chicken, and seafood are staples in our diet.

The cow is considered sacred in India, this is why dishes with beef are not served. To most Indian families, the cow is regarded as one’s mother because it sacrificed the milk meant for its own calf to provide for the people. The cow became symbolic of a nurturing mother. Also, since many families kept cows at their homes for milk, the animals became part of the family, and are therefore taboo to eat.


2731 Parleys Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84109
(801) 581-0222
Bombay House