Even Stevens

Even Stevens in Sugar house is my preferred location, they are a great sandwich shop that is also doing a lot of good for the community, for every sandwich you purchase they will donate one to a local charity. When you order a salad you can purchase it as a wrap for $1 more currently and they will then make a donation to a charity. I do this option and tell them not to wrap it as I just want a salad.

I recommend the goat getter, this is an awesome salad with a tangy vinaigrette, I always make sure to substitute the bread that comes with it for a pickle. If you are in the mood for a sandwich then for me it is the Cuban, this sandwich is amazing. If you have not tried Even Stevens you are missing out, give them a try to day.



Use your skills to change the world. When founder Steve Down saw the opportunity to use his skills as an entrepreneur to turn the food service industry into a force for social good, he ran with it. A team of foodies got involved, non-profits became partners, and what was just a big idea became a sandwich shop with a cause – a place for real, sustainable change. We opened our first shop in Salt Lake City on June 24th, 2014. When we donated over 30,000 sandwiches to local non-profits in just 6 months, we knew were on to something. Community is our recipe book. Our hometown has been a bigger influence than any textbook or viral trend. Craft food makers, artists, musicians and businesses from our neighborhood have all contributed to our growing brand. Unlike the cookie cutter chains of yesterday – we’re committed to locality, in every community we set up shop. Food connects everyone. By pulling on the symbolic white glove of good service, we’ve made a commitment to do good while snubbing the white-bread rhetoric and the empty-calories of purposeless work. Sounds like a pretty selfless idea.

Their web site is here.