I have not fished in over 12 years and started again this year, most of my time fishing has been up at Rockport trolling from one of Kevin’s pontoon boats, Rockport Sports also rents small fishing boats and a slew of other water toys. While this is not getting me the exercise walking the shore would do it has been a great way for us to map out the reservoir and find where the fish are. The rainbow trout have been aggressive and really large, has been great watching them jump and spin once they are hooked. They have also been putting up a good fight and have been a blast to land. I have also spent a lot of time shore fishing at Rockport and at Daybreak both places are great in their own way although I have a special fondness for the large fish and the staff at Rockport.

My latest adventures at Rockport have been fishing from a paddle board, Glide SUP has an amazing fishing board called the Prowler and they have a full set up of mounts for the board from pole holders to cell phone/tablet holders, fish finders and an auto leveling beverage holder. Thanks to our experience with the pontoon boats I knew the areas I wanted to be in. This is the ultimate way to fish and an amazing work out, if you have not fished Rockport you owe it to your self to rent a pontoon boat or use your own and head out. Once you have done this it is time to purchase a prowler and explore Rockport and the other amazing lakes Utah has to offer. My goal is to convince a friend to grab a board and join me on Strawberry, Kasi, Rockport and anywhere else we can think of next season.

Utah has an amazing amount of fishing holes right in our backyard, and this is an excellent way to get out in the sun for some exercise, just remember to have plenty of water with you!

2015-07-15 11.45.45

Fishing on Rockport, thank you Kevin for the great rental.

2015-07-15 14.00.13

Mine was the smallest fish we caught, was great to be on the lake with friends. Many thanks to Kevin at Rockport Sports for making this happen.