Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band


The Microsoft band is good fitness tracker with some great smart watch features. It has a sleek design and is comfortable to wear. It has a few major flaws however that forced me to look for another option hence the Garmin Vivoactive purchase. The first being it is not water proof, the second being its best features only work with a windows phone and my carrier has really crappy windows phones. I did purchase a really nice windows phone to test it with and love it, unfortunately the no wifi calling makes the phone useless. I do regret giving my band away how ever as I miss it! The band also has given me the best benefits in health gain and weight loss when using it out of the three I have tried so far.


They show in the ad people kayaking in open water with the device, yet I was told doing so would void the warranty, so I imagine that taking it on a sup would be a bad idea. The battery life is also short 3days or so if you are lucky and depending on the notification settings and daily heart rate.


Heart Rate Sensor

The heart rate sensor on the Microsoft Band is great and is actually useful as it is built into the device. It also turns on automatically when starting work outs which was great as I often would forget to do so. I had turned off the constant heart rate monitor to conserve battery and because it did not seem to do anything, could not find it in the health vault to view or anything.


The Gym

The Microsoft band has the option to monitor and link with apps such as my fitness pal, it allows for you to use the device while riding, walking or running indoors. The band also has a weight lifting setting which I found extremely useful and was a large part to my great weight loss.

You can also download personalized work outs to the band, a great feature that I loved to use.


Sleep Monitoring

The device does an excellent job for this and is manually activated so that it will record your sleep accurately, even naps. More importantly it does not keep buzzing or lighting up during sleep time so you are able to actually sleep. I have not used the band recently although the person who is now using my band said that it automatically recorded his sleep when he fell asleep at the hospital. This is great news.


UV Rating

This is a feature I wish more trackers or smart watches used, when the sun would first start to come up and I was on the lake the last thing I wanted to do was use a spray on sunscreen, was cold enough already. With the band I was able to monitor the UV index and put the sunscreen on when needed. Never once burned with the band, let alone froze.



The Bad

The bad aspects to the band, as mentioned earlier are its best features not being cross platform. The band not being water proof along with poor customer service, poor return policy/warranty and a band that cannot be replaced by the consumer. The glass is also prone to scratching and apparently the band is supposed to come with a free screen protector, mine did not and the band was damaged. The store did replace it and put the protector on the second time. When I brought a friend down to purchase theirs the store did not mention or offer a screen protector, had to ask for it after the device was purchased.

The charging cable is a pain in the arse, as it was consistently out of stock and with the short battery life needed more than one. This was eventually fixed although it was close to a year.


Also disappointed with a company that basically uses false advertising, and the bands ad defiantly does do that. The kayaking is a great example of it.


Overall the band has been my favorite device yet and I regret having given my band away even if it did get three more sales of the band for Microsoft. Perhaps Microsoft will send a band out so I can enjoy it once again.