Mo Bettah

My favorite dish at Mo Bettah’s is the pulehu steak and chicken with brown rice and a tossed side salad with the Asian dressing. It used to be the mac salad although it is all about making small changes to meet the goals we set and not totally deny us the food we truly enjoy. I have to admit that the place has gone down hill ever since they stopped having large sauce bottles for the customers enjoyment and have switched to giving out a measly one or two things that come in a fry sauce sized container.  Defiantly may be better on the waist although needing to ask for extras is a bit annoying and causes my old restaurant owner inner voice to cringe. That being said, go and enjoy the food and remember to ask for extra red sauce!

The owners of the place have always been great, have had the pleasure of talking with them on a few separate occasions, and their place is defiantly my favorite Hawaiian spot in Utah.

About Us

In 2008, brothers Kimo and Kalani Mack opened the doors to Mo’ Bettah Steaks now Mo’ Bettah’s Hawaiian Style in Bountiful, Utah.  The goal was to transport guests to an authentic Hawaiian island experience, like they had where they grew up in Oahu, Hawai’i.  Someone entering a Mo’ Bettah’s restaurant will find a place that, no matter where they were from, they can fill their opu (stomach) with ono (delicious) island food.Hawaiian food culture is a diverse mixture of many races and food preparation styles. Mo’ Bettah’s menu reflects Hawaii staples that are Kimo and Kalani’s favorites and more than just ordinary fast-food.  It is food that is filling and will help you find the strength to do whatever is on your agenda for the day.The Mo’ Bettah’s experience also revolves around a diverse ocean lifestyle that many Hawai’i locals of all ages and races find rejuvenating and empowering.  Ask any surfer, paddler or diver, and they will say that the ocean has a cleansing effect on the soul.  It creates a humbling sort of respect for nature and all of its beauties.Our goal in each store is to bring an experience through sights, sounds, tastes and smells that take you to the Hawai’i that we know.  Ours is the Hawai’i that most tourist’s don’t see — an experience that is genuine and not filled with fire dancers, tikis, grass huts and pineapples.  So leave the colorful, loud aloha shirts at home. Unless that’s how you roll…we’ll still welcome you with a warm Aloha spirit!


Mo’ Bettah Steaks