Mountain Bike

Utah has a great assortment of trails to get out on and ride, my favorite place to ride is the park city skills course officially known as Trail Side Bike Park. It is an easy location to get to and is a great place to mountain bike, it has trails and runs for everyone from nerd and beginner to expert rides. You are always an easy ride bac to the car if for some reason you are not feeling it that day or simply have become worn out. So far I have only had positive experiences here, seems every one leaves their egos in the parking lot and is there to have fun and help out.

 Another fun ride is the Round Valley Loop up in park city, the ride has different degrees of difficulty although I have not encountered one that has been too hard to do, other than my lack of endurance, while not as scenic as some of the trails in southern Utah you won’t be disappointed of you decide to take a break and catch your breath. Would defiantly include this one in your line up of rides to help get in shape. Another bonus to this mountain bike trail is that it usually cooler than lower in the valley.

For those wanting to mountain bike closer to Salt Lake City, The Bobsled Trail is a fun ride, once you get to the entrance and past the first 50 to a hundred yards where it can be a little loose. The ride is fast and fun, the only truly hard part is the ride to the top, or in my case the walk. Working on the progression although it is defiantly a work in progress.

I have been wanting to try a few other trails although have not had the time to do so, will add more as I get to them or will put them in the blog section. For now try these trails and let me know if you have any you would recommend.