My progress

I am excited and reluctent to share my progress with you, I take no responsibilty for nightmares you may have from any images seen here :). To be honest it has been a great journey, and one that did require some changes and dedication. How ever I belive that you can achive the change you want to, and if not alone then we can as a team for sure. Remember that United we stand, divided we fall. Together we are what we can’t be alone. I would be more than happy to help coach you along the way or can get you in touch with some other fabulous coaches like Elyse Brady from Simply The Best Nutrition or Shannon Thorne the lovely and awesome coach who got me started on this amazing transformation.

Nutrition will be the main factor in whether you reach your goals or not, along with determination and excersice. Luckily for you we have your nutrition covered with the great products from Herbalife, be sure to order yours today for a new you tommorow.

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Here are a couple photos, one was taken on day one of the weight loss challenge I was signed up for and the other was taken a week or two back during this current challenge. The shirt I am wearing in the current photo I was not able to wear before as it did not fit and was more like a midriff belly shirt.