Simply The Best

Simply the best is a health club that offers free fit camps, when they are not doing the fit camps they have a large seating area and are blending up delicious healthy shakes.  This is also the place where I am enrolled in the weight loss challenge, and have an awesome health coach Elyse Brady.

When it is 90 plus degrees out side why not stop in and have an ice cold healthy shake for lunch and take advantage of their free wifi? You can also learn more about them on face book at Simply The Best. They can also help people out who are wanting to gain muscle mass or are simply wanting to tone their body and not necessarily want to loose weight. Simply the best is a great place to try out some of the different Herbalife shakes. Once you have tried some of their shakes and want to order your own mix for home and the office please order here!

Check the club out, and sign up for the weight loss challenge and set your goals. It does not have to be weight loss to participate it can be bulking up, toning or what ever changes you would like to see. The only thing you have to loose is the old you, lets welcome the new you!