Stand Up Paddle Boarding

One of the funnest activity’s I have found is stand up paddle boarding, you are going to want to rent a good quality board and as such I recommend going through Utah Surf Rentals they have pick up locations in downtown Salt Lake City, Rockport and Echo. The Salt Lake store is easy to get to and they can answer all your paddle boarding questions as they are the manufacturing location of Glide SUP. So not only are you supporting made in the USA although you are supporting a Utah company. If you want to purchase a board of your own then these are the guys to get one from, and are the only boards I would consider taking on a river.

Their is a great meetup group for any one interested in SUP, they can be found here!

This is a great way to get out and get some exercise with out really knowing you are doing a work out. Best part is that you can escape the heat and go for a swim to cool off. I have tried stand up paddle boarding at a few different lakes and have found the best lake for us is Rockport State Park, their is a lower amount of boat traffic at the park and great assortment of wild life, I have seen bald eagles, deer and pelicans along with rabbits and jumping trout on my last visit to the lake. If you happen to head up on a Saturday they have live bands and are serving up lunch. For the more adventurous it may time to take your yoga lesson to the next level and join a sup yoga class with Glide SUP!

Rockapulco (Rockport’s Live Music Venue)