Hogle zoo is a great place for anyone who is starting to get in shape the park has a large area to walk around with some great distractions, and is hospitable year round with heated or air conditioned building’s you can escape into. It also has plenty of benches to rest your weary feet. While the fee is getting higher each year it does go to a good cause, the zoo has taken in many abused, abandoned or otherwise unwanted animals, they also have a great program re introducing some of the animals bred at the zoo back into the wild.

Another great option to the zoo and one that is easier to do at least price wise is to walk the malls such as The Gateway or City Creek Center, both areas have a great opportunity to get your steps in while people watching and have convenient stores to cool down or warm up in. With a great smattering of benches to rest upon. For some reason I like walking the gate way more than I do city creek even though the stream in city creek with its fish is pretty relaxing.

Another of my favorite locations is Sugar House Park and with the addition of the tunnel that brings you through a nice nature preserve makes it a great place to walk and enjoy being out side. The hills of the park make for a nice way to burn some extra calories.

Hoping to find more areas next season, want to try the Jordan River Parkway, was also told to try Liberty Park although it always seems overly crowded.